Laser printers and copiers use toners and cartridges. Unlike inkjet printers that use liquid ink, toners and cartridges use dry powder ink. Therefore, toners and cartridges such as Brother DCP-L2550DW tonerĀ are considered more appropriate for professional and business purposes because of better print quality, volume, and output ratio.

But most of the toners and cartridges are very expensive because of the science that goes into developing them. Also, many printer developers seek to optimize profits selling toners and cartridges. So, is there a way to cut cost on toners and cartridges?

One of the top methods of cutting printing costs is refilling the toners and cartridges. If your toner and cartridge is refillable, you can slash the cost by a huge margin. There are some third-party services that specialize in refilling toner cartridges. But why ask someone to refill it when you can do it on your own? You can simply buy a toner refill kit, refill, and enjoy quality printing. In this post, we are going to look at the steps to follow when refilling a cartridge.

  1. Before getting started, it is important to ensure you only buy a toner refill kit that is compatible with your toner cartridge. This is because every toner cartridge is designed differently and only the kit made to refill it should be used. If you use the wrong kit, there is a danger of damaging your cartridge.
  2. Toner cartridges contain fine powder pigments used for printing. When handling toners and cartridges, it is important to appreciate that these pigments can pose serious health risks. When toner leaks from the cartridge or the refilling kit, it gets airborne and can easily be inhaled. The toner contains components such as carbon and metal that can be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is prudent to have the right protective gear such as face mask, gloves, and apron when refilling your toner cartridge.
  3. Start by cleaning the cartridge as well as the developer. You can clean the toner using a clean and non-lint moistened piece of cloth. Then, wipe the developer roller carefully until all leftover toner has been removed. This will help to prepare the developer for a new toner and quality printing.
  4. Position that cleaned cartridge into the hopper and then pour toner into it. Then, seal the hole using the recommended material provided in the refill kit. This step is very important because it helps to prevent foreign particles from getting into the cartridge and clogging it.
  5. After the developer roller dries completely, reinstall the toner. Then, on the printer software interface, check the cleaning utility and run it. Finally, print an alignment or test page to confirm everything is okay.

Most cartridges are designed to allow reusing for three times before the print quality starts deteriorating and requiring a replacement. But it might be necessary to change the toner cartridge after a single use if it develops issues and cannot be reused. When the cartridge can no longer be used, it is important to dispose of correctly because the toner remnants can be carcinogenic. If the components of the toner get into the water system, they can easily find their way up the food chain to the human beings. Some recycling centers are even willing to pay a small amount for your old cartridge for proper disposal.

Today, the printing niche has evolved so much that quality printing does not have to be an expensive undertaking. When your printer ink starts running low, do not simply order a new toner cartridge and throw away the old one. You can refill it three times using the steps we have demonstrated above. Remember to ensure you get the toner refill kit from reputable companies only.

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